My story: How I transitioned into UI/UX – Abisola Dawodu

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soo excited to see you here🧡, Welcome!

My name is Abisola Dawodu, I’m from Lagos, Nigeria and my journey into UI/UX design began just a few months ago.

Shall we begin?😊

A wise man once said.. “to every man, there is a hidden creativity in him waiting to be found”

The journey to finding what is mine has always been an everyday quest to me, but I know for sure that whatever it is, it will definitely give room for creativity as I love anything that can make me think beyond my horizons.

So I kept going on and on to find it, moving from one creative industry to another.

The search

At first, I found Graphics design, which fits right into my scope.. so I decided to go for it.

Getting all the resources I could ever need (with the help of beautiful friends) but all I do is fall asleep anytime I tried learning with them, plus I was in school then, and my grades really mattered to me, right😅

Another trial, ( here goes nothing) I ventured into photography and a little bit of photoshop, I enjoyed it while it lasted but after graduation and my service year (yunno that time when you begin to think about your life. right🌚 yea I was in that space).

You think I got it right this time right, nop!😂🤦

At this time, I started building up myself in line with project management with Coursera courses, and every opportunity I could have access to, just to learn new skills, I also enjoyed that while it lasted.

hmmm… Something is still missing🤔

I found love

After a while, I still had that feeling in my gut that I wanted to be in the creative line, but something was just missing.

Not to bore you, after much back and forth, with the help of two close friends (OyinTemilola) I got introduced to UI/UX design (Backstory: My friends were all into tech, coding, and trying to introduce me to it, but I knew I didn’t want to code. Luckily, one of them told me about UI/UX but as usual, I thought I was being cajoled as before into a mysterious field where I will find out later I had to know how to code, but another friend explained better and got me hooked with the whole empathy aspect.)


… and boom! I was in love, I had to go find out more about this new field that just found me (yea, pun intended 😌)


If you ask me, I didn’t immediately transition into UI/UX, I didn’t even know such a thing existed, I never had it figured out and I still don’t.

It was more of a bang, crack, thump. Oh and here I am!

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m becoming.

I look forward to seeing this new me in her full version.

Clink your glasses with me to this new journey I’ve embarked on, and wish me all the luck I could need. 🥂

Thank you sooo much for reading.🧡

Watch this space😎

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